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Fenton River
German Shorthaired Pointers

Welcome to Fenton River German Short-haired Pointers

Spenser - NAVHDA UT Prize 1 201 points  and his mom Rosie - NAVHDA UT Prize 2 188 pointsOur new location in Wiscasset, in the prettiest village in Maine, is the home of Linda Ewen and Fenton River German Shorthaired Pointers.

My dogs are first and foremost family pets that share my home with me. I train them to hunt upland birds and waterfowl and we participate in NAVHDA and AKC events, including conformation and hunting tests. I breed one litter per year, producing outstanding family pets and personal gun dogs

My breeding program is designed to produce a German Shorthaired Pointer that is bred to the American Standard for conformation and has the proven ability to be an outstanding versatile hunting dog and a wonderful family pet. Pedigrees include such notable lines as Hege-Haus, Hillhaven, Pottsiepen, Wasserschling and Wildburg.

The puppies I breed are raised in my home and share their space with 5 adult German Shorthaired Pointers, 1 cat, and the frequently visiting “aunt” or “uncle”. They are introduced to birds at 6 weeks of age. At this time they also begin daily runs with the adults through the natural terrain of mid-coast Maine.

The puppies produced through carefully selected breeding are easy to train with an incredible desire to please and are natural land and water retrievers.

Fenton River German Shorthaired Pointers is a NAVHDA registered kennel and all of my dogs and puppies are NAVHDA and AKC registered.